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The Big Weekend of Equipment Assembly is almost HERE! We will work on Saturday and Sunday, July 24-25, from 8AM to 4PM – rain or shine.

Note: Thursday evening and Friday work parties are cancelled due to delays. We anticipate being able to complete all of the scheduled work on Saturday and Sunday.


1) Equipment Installation – We will be constructing the large climbing structure -- Mike from R&R Construction will supervise.

2) Entertainment/Child Activities and Refreshment Volunteers will also be working throughout the day.


We can offer you food and drinks thanks to the generosity of community businesses, which include Starbuck’s, Domino’s, Metropolitan Market, Dick’s Drive In, Safeway, Essential Bakery, Annie’s Shells & Cheese, Fred Meyer, QFC, Mad Pizza, Black Pearl, Albertson’s, Target, and Costco.


If you have any of the following tools, please bring them labeled with your name and phone # (we will have labeling supplies available at the work parties as well):

Work gloves
Rain coat
Drill and drill bits (battery packs and charger if needed)
Socket Driver
Socket Set (standard)
Allen Wrenches (standard)
Open wrench
Tape measure
Ladder – if you are able to easily transport
Outside play equipment for the children’s area (pop-up tents, tubes, etc.) labeled with your name and number.

Our friends at Home Depot, generously donated 3 car loads of equipment last weekend for the art installation, and have offered a generator and ladders again this weekend.


Option A
Park in the north end of Meadowbrook Community Center lot (off of 35th Ave NE and 107th) and walk west to the playground

Option B
Park in the Nathan Hale High School lot (from NE 110th St., head south on 30th Ave NE, and enter the parking lot opposite 107th St.). The playground is located at the east end of the parking lot. This parking lot is scheduled for closure and resurfacing beginning Monday, July 26th. It is possible the lot will be closed early which will require using Option A.

Contact Tammie Conder at or 206-526-2970. Number to use on weekend work party days – Robert Wright: 206-854-3172

Thanks again for everyone’s help and patience as we enter the final stages of the playground renovation. We couldn’t do it without your support!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Our first weekend on the Annie’s Playground project was a tremendous success!

We completed the equipment assembly ahead of schedule. The galaxy, tot structure, and octagon platform of the large structure were complete by noon on Saturday. Leveling in preparation for final setting of the tot structure was completed early Sunday morning.

The Tree of Life bench was formed with the super adobe construction process, back filled, and mortared in preparation for the shot creting this week.

The cave structure is taking shape. Volunteers helped mold the rebar skeleton, attach wire mesh, and mortar the back wall of the cave. Shot creting is scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week.

The tile cutter was in constant operation, cutting filler tiles that will provide the sky and water background for the multiple tile projects. Tile placement was delayed and will be rescheduled at a later date.

Refreshment volunteers kept us all refueled with Starbuck’s coffee and iced tea, artisan breads from Essential Bakery, soda from Metropolitan Market, water and ice from Albertson’s and QFC, Pizza from Domino’s and Mad Pizza, Chow Mein from Black Pearl, and assorted snacks and supplies from Safeway and Costco.

We also are thankful for the generosity of Home Depot who provided drills, a generator, ladders, cement mixers, and other items for a successful weekend. Special thanks to our volunteers who made the trips to Home Depot with trailer hitches to transport the bigger cement mixer.

The Play Party area for the kids was busy with crafts, activities, baseball games, obstacles courses, stories, and loads of fun. The kids had a great time and our many thanks to the volunteers who kept the activities rolling.

The Seattle PI, King5, and the North Seattle Herald were also on-site reporting on the community work parties. We appreciate the stories they told the community about our playground.

Click HERE for the Seattle PI story.

It was a hot and dirty weekend, but everywhere we looked there were lots of smiles, laughter, and humor. More than 500 hours of work party volunteer hours were logged over the 3 days.

It was tremendously rewarding to see the generosity of time and support by our friends and community. Thank you so much for your help in making this wonderful new playground a reality.

Thank you!
Friends of Annie’s Playground