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Steve Roache, the designing artist, for the playground projects is ready to set tiles. Small work parties will be working on the following three days:

Saturday, August 14th
9-:30-10:00 AM until 2 or 3PM
Stream wall/bench – these are the community made tiles

Saturday, August 21
9:30/10:00AM until 2 or 3:00PM
Tree of Life bench

Sunday, August 22
9:30/10:00AM until 2 or 3:00PM
Tree of Life bench

Work parties will be small of about six people. Note: we will not be having a child play area though snacks and drinks will be available for the workers.

Please let me know if you are interested or available we appreciate all of your continued support of Annie’s Playground. This should be a fun work party with the chance to see the art projects come to life!

Dress: Grubby clothes, gloves if you have them, come prepared to get dirty.

Please call or email Tammie Conder at 206-526-2970 or if available.

Annie’s Playground Work Parties are Amazing!

The July 24-25 weekend work party was so successful, we have to cancel all future work parties*. The marvelous, incredible, tireless, and heat resistant volunteers have, over the last two weekends, completed all the planned community work!

Through the record breaking heat of our second weekend, our amazing volunteers logged over 500 hours and completed all of the community work that can be scheduled at this time. We even finished early and were all packed up at noon on Sunday.

The Play Party activity area was again amazingly facilitated by the volunteers who encouraged all the young artists in attendance.

The highly efficient work party members were powered by generous donations from Costco Bakery, Dick’s Burgers, Domino’s, Starbuck’s, Metropolitan Market, Safeway and LOTS of water. Thanks to our refreshment volunteers who staved off any heat induced injuries by keeping everyone fully charged.

Again, we wish to thank Home Depot for providing drills, a generator, ladders, and other items for a successful weekend.

If you take a look at the playground today you will see the tot structure, the galaxy, and the large structure are all but finishing touches completed. Caves were completed last week by artists Jolly Miller and Steve Roache.

You will also see large piles of rocks and dirt, cement forms, and a parking lot in the midst of repaving, so there is still a lot of work to be done by the contractors before the playground will be open – early September is the latest target.

Stay tuned to this web page for more information, work party updates, playground progress, and completion dates.

Lost items: please contact Tammie Conder at 206-526-2970 – a large assortment of gloves, a few tools, and child area items are being held for their owners.

Your generosity of time, sweat, money, and spirit are a part of this great new playground. Thank you!

Friends of Annie’s Playground

* All work parties on July 30 - August 1st and August 6th – August 8th are cancelled. Some small work parties may be organized for tiling, grouting, and installation of the tree tops and custom panels. If you are interested in being contacted if additional work parties are scheduled, please email, and indicate the projects you wish to be notified of: tiling, grouting, or assembly.


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